Ultimate Guide To a Stretcher Lift Installation

When it comes to the installation of a stretcher lift into a commercial building, you may have concerns about how the installation will impact your business operations or if the lift will work to your requirements and industry standards. That’s why it’s important to know what to expect, so here is your guide to a …

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Do this before buying an elevator

While elevators are common modes of transportation, they aren’t quite the same as other vehicles. Cars are owned by nearly everyone you know, but there’s only an exclusive selection who own lifts. Given the limited “common” knowledge around buying an elevator, you might not know where to start on your search! There are so many …

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DDA Compliance in Melbourne, Australia: What Your Business Needs to Know

dda compliance in melbourne: what you need to know for your business

If Australian DDA compliance has got you going ‘round the twist, keep reading to find some clarity so you can stop spinning. This article will take you from top to tail on how to choose an elevator for your Melbourne business that meets all Aussie requirements (plus some extra stats on how this can benefit …

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2021: The New Home Design Trends You Must Know Now

2021 home design trends - platinum elevators

Times are changing (literally, it’s a new year!) and this means that design trends are changing too.  We know that lots of you are in the midst of building a new home or renovating thanks to the Government incentives in 2020. Creating a space that’s truly yours offers a deep level of satisfaction that’s unique …

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Fire Rated Elevators. What You Need To Know

how to protect your home or building from a fire

A fire is the last thing any building owner wants to think about. When it comes to an elevator installation fire safety is an important consideration because, while the risks of fire are low, when they do happen they can be catastrophic. Most elevators won’t automatically include fire-rated doors, but they’re a really worthwhile feature …

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Are Elevators Required in Child Care Centres?

If worries such as lugging prams upstairs or children running and tripping on steps have left you wondering whether you need lift access for your child care centre, the short answer is yes… If your centre has more than one level or is positioned on a higher level in an existing building. You may not …

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How High? What You Need to Know About Elevator Levels

how high can elevators go - elevator levels - platinum elevators

Size does matter. When it comes to your building’s elevator needs that is.  If you’ve ever thought that your space is too small to warrant an elevator or too big for it to be easy, it’s not true. Big, small, or any size in between. No matter the size of your space, there’s an elevator …

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Mezzanine Inspiration to Transform Your Home or Workplace

Mezzanine Inspiration to Maximise Space in Small Apartment. Mezzanine floor in small apartment bedroom to double the floor space and create a private home office. Mezzanine pictured being used to transform small apartment.

Are you trying to facilitate more space in your home or workplace but don’t want to undergo a lengthy renovation process to build an entire new floor? Maybe you have high ceilings, but not so high you can build a whole new storey. Let us introduce you to the mezzanine level.  Not quite its own …

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Does your building need an elevator to support mezzanine access?

commercial elevator for a mezzanine

The short answer is most probably.  A mezzanine is an intermediate level between two floors in a building and can be a great way to utilise unused space. Usually relying on steps or ladders to access, it can often be difficult for young children and those with disabilities or limited mobility to make use of. …

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How much does a Commercial Elevator cost?

How much does a Commercial Elevator cost DDA compliant

An elevator is an essential feature in most commercial buildings; both for transporting people and as an efficient way to move goods between levels. If you are considering installing a commercial lift into your development, then price will definitely affect your choices. You’re after quality. You want efficiency. You want a product that is reliable. …

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