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Go from curious to confident about your future elevator choices. Here you’ll find clarity; explore inspiration to nail your design, gather information about the process and have all your burning questions answered.

home lift built into stone feature wall adjacent to the staircase

How much space you need for a home lift

You've been thinking about this moment for months, maybe even years. You've got Pinterest boards for days, filled with inspiration ...
small house, floorpan, ruler and calculator - plans to install a small home lift

The Smallest Home Lift Sizes You Can Get

As Melbourne residential living continues to grow upwards, many homeowners are gravitating towards the idea of an elevator, but are ...
The Surprising History of Elevator Music - music for home lifts and commercial elevators melbourne

The Surprising History of Elevator Music

Calm your nerves, boost your productivity and get you to spend more money… Elevator music is some powerful stuff. And ...
dda compliance in melbourne: what you need to know for your business

DDA Compliance in Melbourne, Australia: What Your Business Needs to Know

If Australian DDA compliance has got you going ‘round the twist, keep reading to find some clarity so you can ...
2021 home design trends - platinum elevators

2021: The New Home Design Trends You Must Know Now

Times are changing (literally, it's a new year!) and this means that design trends are changing too.  We know that ...
platinum elevators - how home lifts work + what you need to install a home elevator

How home lifts work (and what you need for yours)

Cogs that turn with mechanical whirs. Bells which chime and whistle. Levers that pump and pull. Puffs of smoke and ...
are schools required to have elevators - platinum elevators

Disability Requirements: Is Your School Required to Have an Elevator?

School can be a tricky time for any young person, as they want to fit in and be able to ...
how to protect your home or building from a fire

Fire Rated Elevators. What You Need To Know

A fire is the last thing any building owner wants to think about. When it comes to an elevator installation ...

Are Elevators Required in Child Care Centres?

If worries such as lugging prams upstairs or children running and tripping on steps have left you wondering whether you ...
How Often do Home Elevators Need to Be Replaced_ - platinum elevators

How Often do Home Elevators Need to Be Replaced?

You’re ready for a residential lift to make your day-to-day life easier. You’ve found ideas of what you like, or ...
how high can elevators go - elevator levels - platinum elevators

How High? What You Need to Know About Elevator Levels

Size does matter. When it comes to your building’s elevator needs that is.  If you’ve ever thought that your space ...
How to make your home elevator design your own | Platinum Elevators

How to Make Your Home Elevator Your Own

Designing your home elevator should be just as personal as designing your home. After all, they’re part and parcel. Not ...
How an Elevator Was Used To Create These Iconic Movie Scenes | Platinum Elevators

How an Elevator Was Used To Create These Iconic Movie Scenes

From romantic encounters to action packed stand-offs, elevators have set the scene for some of the most iconic movie moments. ...
Mezzanine Inspiration to Maximise Space in Small Apartment. Mezzanine floor in small apartment bedroom to double the floor space and create a private home office. Mezzanine pictured being used to transform small apartment.

Mezzanine Inspiration to Transform Your Home or Workplace

Are you trying to facilitate more space in your home or workplace but don't want to undergo a lengthy renovation ...
Where is the Best Location to Install an Elevator in Your Home | Platinum Elevators | Residential Lift Melbourne

Where is the Best Location to Install an Elevator in Your Home

So you’ve decided to install an elevator into your home. It’s great for accessibility, increases home value and has countless ...
commercial elevator for a mezzanine

Does your building need an elevator to support mezzanine access?

The short answer is most probably.  A mezzanine is an intermediate level between two floors in a building and can ...
classic elevator design - exterior house melbourne

This is Why Elevators Are Adding Immense Value to a Home

We are seeing an increasing amount of news which identifies that elevators add value to a home (in Australia, anyway!) ...
How much does a Commercial Elevator cost DDA compliant

How much does a Commercial Elevator cost?

An elevator is an essential feature in most commercial buildings; both for transporting people and as an efficient way to ...
Port Melbourne - platinum elevators residential lifts melbourne 6

This Lift is the Most Popular Lift in Melbourne

Style, fitout, safety, accessibility. These are just some of the factors to be considered when you’re looking to install or ...
How NBN impacts your lift - platinum elevators team servicing melbourne elevators

Here is The Exact Process of a Residential Lift Installation

A step by step look at residential lift installation.  Once you have decided to incorporate a residential lift into your ...
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