Current home design trends and how to match your residential lift type

How do you choose a residential elevator? Matching your favourite home design with your residential lift type doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. This blog breaks down current home design trends, different lift types, and what you need to know to make a confident choice that’s right for you and your forever home.  


What are the current home design trends for 2022?

Building a new home or retrofitting an old one? Here are three of our favourite current home design trends for 2022 to spark inspiration and get your mind buzzing with creative home interior ideas. 


Modern home design

Modern homes are not only visually pleasing, but they are functional, efficient and becoming more and more eco-friendly. If you want to design a modern style home incorporate lots of natural light, a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living, and maximise space with high ceilings and wide hallways. 


Industrial home design

Versatile and trendy, the industrial home design trend is very popular for unconventional homeowners. If you want to design an industrial-style home, opt for high ceilings, large windows and raw and rugged materials, such as red brick, concrete flooring, weathered woods, and stainless steel. Top it off with exposed structural elements like steel beams, exposed pipes, and black lighting fixtures, and you have an awe-inspiring industrial-style home.


Minimalist home design

A minimalist home design enhances the liveability of each space, creating a seamless transition between rooms without distracting from the well-considered flooring, wall colour, and cabinetry. Different ways of adopting a minimalist home design include choosing a similar tone and colour for everything in your home. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of colour to your calming, simple sanctuary.


Types of lifts

If you don’t know much about home lifts, you might be surprised that there are many types to choose from. Here is a quick look at the most popular types of home lifts and how different types of lifts fit into the three home design trends we mentioned above. 


Residential elevators

Residential elevators, or home lifts, are a type of elevator designed for a home instead of a commercial building. The main differences between home lifts and commercial lifts are weight and size requirements. Commercial lifts need to adhere to strict weight and size requirements by law, for example office building lifts generally need to be able to safely carry a load of 1,587 kilograms. Whereas residential lifts have more flexibility in weight and size dimensions, giving homeowners the choice between choosing a compact lift that can only hold one person to a large elevator that can hold 4-5 people or a wheelchair.


Compact lifts

Compact lifts take up very little space and can be purchased as a self-supporting structure instead of built into a wall. You may consider installing a compact lift if you don’t have space for a residential lift or if you can’t install a home lift inside a wall structure. 


External lift for house

You may consider installing an external lift in your home if there isn’t enough space inside or if it’s required for the design and operation preferences. 


Next level elevators

Next level elevators are your luxury range. Think unique fine details, luxury cabin wall finishes, and design innovations such as LED ceiling lights, digital cabin display, and sleek button integration design. 


How to match a residential lift type to your home design

Whether your home is inspired by minimalism, modernism or industrialism, you will be able to customise your home lift so that it seamlessly blends into your interiors – or stands out if you’re after the wow factor.

Platinum Elevators’ customisable residential lifts offer flexibility to match your home design with your residential elevator type. With glass, mirrored, metal and wood materials available and luxury options to choose from, such as custom automatic sliding doors, you can find a customisable home lift design that suits your minimal, modern or industrial home with Platinum Elevators. 

Start exploring Platinum Elevators’ wide range of home lifts today or jump directly to the style of residential elevator that matches your home design perfectly. 

Modern: Round Panoramic Lift 

Industrial: The Jewel Lift 

Minimalism: The Sovereign Lift 


What do you need to consider when buying a residential lift?

Before you future-proof your house with a customisable residential elevator, you want to make sure you purchase the right one for your home. Important points to consider include lift dimensions and home lift prices in Australia.

  1. Lift size
    Choosing your elevator size is one of the most important decisions you will make. Consider the following questions when determining which lift size you need:
    How many people will be using the home lift at once?
    Does your budget only allow for a compact lift?
    How many floors will your home lift need to accommodate?
    What are the standard elevator dimensions in Australia?
    Platinum Elevators’ customisable residential lift dimensions range from 800 x 800mm to 1100 x 1400mm, providing flexibility to design a home lift that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.
  2. Residential lift maintenance and repair
    When you set a budget for your new home lift, be sure to include costs for residential elevator maintenance and repair. Home lifts with lower power usage will be kinder to your electricity bills, but routine maintenance is an area you don’t want to cut costs on. 


How much does a residential lift cost in Australia?

How much does it cost to put an elevator inside your house? There are plenty of affordable lifts on the market. Residential lifts prices for a two-storey residential home range from $35,000 to $65,000. This price doesn’t include the cost of construction.


What is the cheapest residential elevator?

Platinum Elevators offer a customisable passenger lift for private residences. This classic home lift is a practical solution for the budget-conscious Australian. 


How do I choose a residential elevator?

Purchasing a residential elevator is a big decision. If you need more information, the team at Platinum Elevators are happy to assist with any questions you have and provide valuable advice on which home lift suits your house and lifestyle, budget, and elevator size necessities. 

If you want to learn more about installing an internal or external life for a house, we recommend next reading 6 reasons why installing a home elevator is a good ideaExplore Platinum Elevators’ wide range of Italian-made residential elevators now, or contact the home lift specialists to begin future-proofing your house today.



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