6 Reasons Why Installing A Home Elevator Is A Good Idea

Are you currently stuck in an internal bidding-war with yourself trying to decide whether a house elevator is a good, or bad idea? You might want an elevator, but you also might think that the price for how much home elevators cost is too much. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that even though the price might be substantial, you absolutely pay for what you get! A residential elevator isn’t just a symbol of luxury, it’s an investment to future-proof your home.

There are many benefits and reasons for why you should get an elevator, all of which will make your life more comfortable. Outside of impressing your friends with a brand new residential lift, what are these benefits? In this article, we will share 6 practical reasons why you should get a home elevator.


6 Reasons For Why You Should Install A Lift In Your Home 

If you are wanting to make your house more accessible and ensure you can move between all levels of your home, well into your older years, that in itself is a good enough reason to install a home elevator, but it is not the only reason. So, what are the benefits of elevators? Here are practical 6 reasons why you should install a lift in your home: 


An Elevator Will Greatly Improve The Accessibility Of Your Home

How does an elevator make life easier? Whether you’re ageing, in a wheelchair, have children in a pram coming and going from your home, or find it difficult to lug groceries and luggage between floors, a home elevator will make sure you can easily move about the house. Instead of having to manoeuvre yourself on stairs, a home elevator will be able to transport you between floors seamlessly. 


A Home Elevator Is Safer Than A Flight Of Stairs

If you suffer from mobility issues, navigating a flight of stairs can sometimes be not only difficult, but also dangerous. There’s no point putting yourself at risk of falling while trying to use the stairs when installing a residential lift can remove a lot of the danger. Even if your home is already built, an elevator can be retrofitted so that you can move around the house safely. 

By reducing your risk of falling in your own home with an elevator, you will live a happier and more reassured life with the confidence that you can access all areas of your home safely!


A Residential Lift Is An Efficient Use Of Space

Something that a lot of people forget, or don’t realise, is that an elevator can actually take up less space than a conventional flight of stairs. If your home is up to three or even four storeys tall, that is a lot of space being inefficiently used-up by stairs. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can completely remove the need for stairs, as Australian laws and regulations still require you to have a staircase. However, installing a home lift gives you the ability to relocate your staircase, therefore reducing its footprint, and allowing you to make better use of your space.


Lifts For Houses Increase Their Value 

If you install an elevator in your home, you will increase its value. Of course, there is the actual value of how much you actually paid for the elevator that is added to your home, but you must also remember the perceived value. An elevator’s perceived value stands for luxury and accessibility, which will exponentially increase the worth of your home, more than just the actual price tag value. 

You might not be planning to ever sell your home, so the monetary return you will receive from your elevator might not interest you. However, the added social value amongst friends and family that you will receive, as well as the value you get to make your life easier is very substantial. So even if you will never sell your home, installing an elevator in your house is worth it.


A Home Lift Will Complement Your Interior Design 

What are lifts for the home and what makes them different to commercial elevators? Well, unlike a commercial elevator, the home lift is usually much more boutique and manufactured with high-end materials that will complement your interior design. As a luxury investment for your home, the best elevator company will make sure they use only the best materials so that your space can give off that “wow factor” you might be chasing. 


A Home Elevator Will Make Sure Your Home Is Future-Proofed

Is the home you are currently building, or currently living in, the home that you plan to retire in? If so, you should consider all the things you are going to need moving forward into your older years. You might be fit and capable now, but it’s no secret that the older you get, the less mobile you become. 

Installing a home elevator now will make sure that you can move about your home easily and comfortably well into your old age. It will be easier to install a lift now before you need it, so that when the time comes where the stairs are an obstacle, your house is prepared. 


What Do You Need To Consider Before Installing A Lift In Your Home? 

Before you install a lift, you need to make sure you are aware of all the implications that come with it. You might be thinking, what are the disadvantages of elevators? We wouldn’t say they are disadvantages, more things to be aware of. They include: 


What Is A Home Lift’s Price?

When planning for a residential lift, you need to be aware of their price, and your budget. As a luxury item, yes their price can be substantial, but it is justified because of all the benefits you will receive. If you want to discuss payment plans and residential lifts prices, speak to a professional. 


What Will It Look Like? 

Picking what a flight of stairs will look like is much easier than deciding what an elevator will look like, but it doesn’t have to be. You can have a showroom walkthrough with an elevator company, so that you can see what your elevator will look like and be happy that it will do great things for your home’s interior design. 


What Type Of Lift Do You Need?

With home elevators, there’s a range of different types, shapes, sizes, and materials that they can be built with. Whether it’s a small home elevator, a bigger model, or external lifts for houses, you need to be clear on what you need. 

Speaking to an elevator professional and having a showroom walkthrough will help you decide. 


Where Is The Best Place To Get An Elevator For A Forever Home? 

If you want to future-proof your home with an affordable and highly customisable residential lift, look no further than Platinum Elevators. With Platinum Elevators, you can restore your independence to live comfortably and move about your home freely. Platinum Elevators has: 

  • Compact home lifts
  • Are customised to your needs 
  • Affordable options 
  • Will add value to your home 
  • Improve your home accessibility 
  • Retrofit solutions

If you are considering a home elevator, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our friendly elevator experts. Come chat with us about home lifts prices and home elevators costs, they’re more affordable than you might think. Do this and you can be sure your home is the perfect forever destination you’ve always dreamed of!



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