Do all of your commercial lifts achieve full DDA compliance?

Yes, all of our commercial lifts meet disability access requirements.

Are your products designed & registered with Worksafe Australia?


Is your company a registered electrical contractor?


How many levels can your commercial lifts reach?

Our commercial lifts can reach heights of about 12m, making them ‘low rise’ commercial lifts.

Does it take a long time for a commercial lift to be installed?

After the manufacturing process is complete, the installation time is about 2-4 weeks.


What should I expect to pay for a residential lift?

The average price range of a two-storey residential lift is $35,000 - $65,000. This price excludes building works and various other factors.

Is it possible to retrofit a residential lift?

Yes! At Platinum Elevators, we are confident in our ability to retrofit a lift to any residence and can engineer various types of certified metal lift shafts.

What height do your residential lifts reach?

Our residential lifts are capable of around five or six ‘stops.’ This is the equivalent of about 12m of travel.

Where in my home would a residential lift go?

Every home is unique, therefore we recommend asking us to visit you at home. We can then have a chat about where the lift can go in regard to affordability and the flow of your home.

Does it take a long time for a commercial lift to be installed?

After the manufacturing process is complete, the installation time is about 2-4 weeks.

Are your residential lifts wheelchair-accessible?

Should you need to accommodate a wheelchair, we can advise which cabin sizes and door openings are suitable.

Servicing FAQs

How frequently must I be servicing my lift?

We recommend servicing a residential lift at least once per year. We recommend servicing commercial lifts about 2-4 times per year as they are used more frequently.

What is the duration of a Service & Safety Audit?

Please allow approximately 1-2 hours.

Do I need to remember when my next service is due?

No! Your life is busy enough, so we’ll be sure to remind you when your lift is due for a Service & Safety Audit.

When it comes to servicing my lift, can I use any company?

To ensure that your residential or commercial lift is serviced correctly, we recommend using our Service Technicians who are experienced in your exact type of lift.

What does a Service & Safety Audit cost?

For a residential lift, the Service & Safety Audit can cost around $400-$600. Prices can vary for commercial lifts, so please contact us for a price.

What do I do during a breakdown?

Our quality components help to prevent any breakdowns from occurring. Should your lift ever breakdown, please call our local service centre. We’re located right here in Melbourne and available 24/7. It’s also good to know that on most occasions, we can address the issue over the phone.

How can I keep my commercial or residential lift in top condition?

The best thing to do is make sure you are meeting the minimum service requirements. It’s also important that you read the user instruction manual. We’ll give a manual to you at handover, and additional copies can be requested.

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