Main uses of a residential lift. Reasons why people install lifts in their homes.

There are many reasons people install lifts in their homes, and some might even surprise you. If you are building a new home or retrofitting an old one and want to know the advantages of a home lift, keep reading.


Why do homes have elevators

Is it good to have a lift at home? From life-changing ease to simple luxuries, there are many reasons people get residential lifts installed in their homes. 


Guarantee easy and comfortable mobility as you age.

Getting older doesn’t mean losing a stylish home design you love. When an ageing homeowner wants to invest in a mobility aid that is more discreet and stylish than a stairlift, they may opt for a customisable domestic elevator instead. 


Prevent accidents and injury

Perhaps you have bought an old home that you absolutely adore, except for the steep staircase. Prevent accident and injury for you, your family, your guests and even your elderly pet by installing a customisable home lift.

If you are building a new home, you might opt for a more space-conscious compact home lift over building a staircase to move between floors. 


Increase comfortable and functional living with a wheelchair lift.

If your life is suddenly transformed by an injury that limits your mobility, installing a wheelchair lift means you can continue to live in your beloved two-storey home. 

Perhaps you don’t use a wheelchair, but your close family member, who visits multiple times a week, does. An easy living lift increases the accessibility in your home, ensuring your loved one feels comfortable every time they visit. 


Simplify your life

Installing a personal lift for home can simplify living in a large house. You may want a residential lift just to make moving from each floor easier, especially when carrying groceries, heavy packages or furniture. 


Enhance your reverse living home

Reverse living refers to two or more storey homes with bedrooms on the bottom floor and the living and kitchen on the top floor. These unique home designs optimise magnificent views but can be limiting for guests or family members with mobility limitations. Installing a wheelchair lift can enhance a reverse living home with easy movement from one floor to the next.  


Increase the luxury in your dream home.

A home elevator doesn’t just provide life-changing comfort and practicality for people with mobility limitations, they also add luxury to your dream home.

If you love the look of a circular glass lift in the middle of your home, then why not incorporate a home lift in your new home build, or retrofit your current property. 


Do elevators increase home value?

If you plan to sell your home in the future, you’ll want to make sure every change you make to your home can benefit you in the long term. Therefore you may be wondering, does an elevator increase home value?

Lifts for houses add value to your property by increasing your home’s comfort, practicality, and accessibility. Additionally, domestic elevators remove the need for expensive renovations further down the track to accommodate ageing homeowners. 

The best way to determine whether an elevator will increase the value of your home is to request an appraisal and include the changes you intend to make soon.


What are the different types of lifts?

When deciding which type of lift is right for your home, begin by choosing between a non-self-supporting lift or a self-supporting lift. 


Self-supporting lifts: 

Self-supporting lifts are freestanding and therefore can be installed anywhere in your home as they don’t need to be built inside a wall. Choosing a self-supporting lift means you can opt for a luxury circular glass lift in the centre of any room for easy wheelchair access.


Non-self-supporting lifts: 

Non-self-supporting lifts need to be built inside a wall and therefore don’t offer as much flexibility when choosing where to install your new lift in your home. Non-self-supporting lifts are the best option for homeowners who prefer a more discreet elevator design, as only the elevator doors are visible. 

The type of lift that is right for your home will depend on the structure of your home, where you want your home lift located and your desired design – visually and functionally. Your local home elevator specialists will guide you through the process of customising an easy living lift to your home


What are the advantages of a home lift?

Here are five advantages of installing a domestic elevator in your home.


Customisable design

Your home lift can blend into your home design or stand out, depending on your style.


Flexibility with options

When it comes to large purchases for your home, flexibility is important. Choose between a compact lift that takes up little space, an external lift that takes up no space inside, or a big residential lift that takes up lots of space for all the events you host at your home. 



Turn your current new build or old home into your dream future home with a simple upgrade, a residential lift. 



If you’ve never purchased a home lift before, you may be expecting a complicated process. Fortunately, the process of installing a residential lift is much easier than you think. From choosing the right lift for you to comprehensive testing before handover day, your experience can be smooth and stress-free with the right team. 



Depending on your new home build or retrofitting budget, the cost of your home elevator may be an advantage or a disadvantage. Either way, it’s helpful to conduct sufficient research on home lift prices in Australia before making a decision. 


Who can help you with your retrofit?

Platinum Elevators is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after elevator companies, with Italian-made customisable home lifts that set a new standard for style, value and engineering excellence. 

Whether you are building a new home or retrofitting an old one, Platinum Elevators’ have a wide range of residential lifts to suit your home. From the attractive and powerful “Standard” Sovereign Lift to the innovative and beautifully designed Jewel Lift, explore Platinum Elevators’ wide range of residential lifts today.  

Contact Platinum Elevators for a free quote or visit the showroom located at

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