Which Type Of Lift Is Best For The Home?

Have you just come to the realisation that maybe a lift in your home is a reality, and not a farfetched dream? Maybe you’ve decided that a lift in your home isn’t only a reality, but a great way to future-proof your space going well into your older years. 

Well, if you’ve just come to this realisation you’re probably wondering which type of lift is best for your home. 

Not to worry. 

In this article we’re going to be walking you through a crash course on the different types of residential lifts, as well as some home lift prices in Australia and their features and benefits. 


Why should you get a compact home lift? 

Chances are if you’ve landed on this article, you’re either wondering why you should get a domestic lift or you’re considering what type of lift to get. If you’re on the fence about the first question, let’s highlight some of the reasons why lifts for houses are a great idea:

  •  An elevator will greatly improve the accessibility of your home 
  • An elevator is safer to travel on than a flight of stairs 
  • Small residential lifts use less space than a flight of stairs 
  • A home lift will increase the value of your property
  • A residential elevator can work in with the design of your home 
  • A residential lift will future-proof your home 


Things you should consider before installing a home elevator 

Before installing a home elevator, there are a couple things you should first consider: 


What are the 3 types of lifts? 

Ever wondered how a lift moves up and down? You often don’t get to see how an elevator works behind the scenes, but trust us when we say they don’t all work in the same way.

There are three different types of elevators: 


1. Hydraulic elevators

The hydraulic elevator is raised and lowered by a hydraulic piston at the bottom of the shaft and cabin. Oil is flooded into the piston which extends it upwards and the elevator is lowered by releasing pressure. 


  • The most cost-effective to install compared to other elevator types 
  • Space efficient  
  • The piston does not need a separate machine room
  • Overhead structural requirements are not needed 
  • Quite silent compared to other lifts 
  • Easy to maintain and use 


  • The piston can sometimes overheat – efficient temperature control is needed (which Platinum can provide)

2. Traction elevators 

A traction elevator is pulled up and lowered with ropes, pulleys and an electric motor above the elevator shaft. A counter weight is often used to make the elevator more efficient. 


  • Fast travel speed 
  • Smooth ride quality 
  • Energy efficient 


  • More expensive than hydraulic 
  • Important structural considerations because the elevator must be built into the ceiling 
  • Greater maintenance cost than hydraulic 
  • Longer installation time than hydraulic 
  • Usually has a machine room built above the elevator shaft 

3. Machine-room-less elevators (MRL)

The MRL elevator is basically the same as a traction elevator in the sense that it is raised and lowered from the ceiling. However, the MRL elevator does not have a dedicated machine room above the elevator shaft. It does however need a smaller control room to the side of the elevator shaft. 


  • Shorter installation time 
  • No need for hydraulic oil 
  • Smooth operation 


  • Can be noisy (can be muffled with a noise cancelling shaft)
  • Must have strong structure to roof
  • They can not carry as much weight 
  • Sometimes slow speeds 
  • Greater maintenance costs involved 
  • Can overheat 


How much does a residential elevator cost?

Wondering which is the least expensive residential elevator? Well, usually it will be a hydraulic elevator, but it completely depends on the specifications of your project. There are plenty of affordable lifts on the market which means there’s a large fluctuation in price. However, the average home lift price will fluctuate between $35k to $65k. 

The cost to install a lift in a house excludes building works and various other factors. That’s why you need a professional lift company that can integrate all components of your project under one project Management team. 


Where Is The Best Place To Get An Elevator For A Forever Home? 

If you want to future-proof your home with an affordable and highly customisable residential lift, look no further than Platinum Elevators. With Platinum Elevators, you can restore your independence to live comfortably and move about your home freely. Platinum Elevators has: 

  • Compact home lifts
  • Lifts which are customised to your needs 
  • Affordable options
  • Lifts to meet accessibility requirements
  • Retrofit solutions

If you are considering a home elevator, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our friendly elevator experts. When it comes to home lifts prices and home elevators costs, you should come talk to us, I think you’ll find they’re more affordable than you might think. Do this and you can be sure your home is the perfect forever destination you’ve always dreamed of!



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