Do You Need a Building Permit to Install a Lift in Your Home In Victoria?

Investing in a residential lift is an increasingly popular modification for a variety of reasons, ranging from enhancing mobility for elderly residents or those with mobility issues to enhancing convenience and adding a touch of luxury. However, considering the substantial structural changes this modification necessitates, it rightfully begs the question: do you need a building permit? To cut to the chase, the answer is a resounding yes.

Being Forearmed with Your New Build’s Building Permits

If you’re in the throes of constructing your home in Victoria, you’ll already be in the process of procuring a building permit. Your aspiring lift won’t create any additional hassles in this regard, as it can be factored into your existing building permit process. However, it’s crucial that you raise these plans with your construction team and architect in advance to ensure every necessary detail is covered in your building plan submissions.

Navigating Permit Requirements with Retrofits

The intricacies of retrofitting hold far more hidden complexities. When it comes to installing an internal lift, you’ll need to obtain a building permit. However, the requirements extend further should you be considering an external lift. 

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In this case, you’ll also need to secure a planning permit, given the changes your lift installation would impart on the external facade of your house. With this, it’s crucial to bear in mind that council regulations might vary and will dictate the requirements of your planning and building application.

Considering the Council Requirements for Home Elevators

Do You Need a Building Permit to Install a Lift in Your Victoria Home?

Council stipulations are an added layer of complexity for those considering an external lift installation in Victoria. While the requirements may vary slightly across different regions, there are certain common laws that apply to placement. 

For example, lifts cannot be installed close to the boundary of your property or above any water board or water table. Moreover, lifts can’t be installed above underground car parks unless they are expressly connected to the car park. This is because there needs to be ample space below ground to house the lift pit.

Delving into the world of lift installations and understanding building permit requirements can be daunting. Thankfully, that’s where Platinum Elevators steps in. We are seasoned experts who can simplify the process, ensure your project is compliant with building regulations and maintain the aesthetics, functionality and safety of your home in Victoria. Contact us today for a consultation and to learn more about how we can facilitate your domestic lift installation journey.

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