Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Commercial Lift?

When considering the longevity of commercial lifts in your building, a question that often comes to mind is whether to upgrade or opt for a full replacement. Both options carry their own advantages and disadvantages, but we will delve into this in greater depth to help guide your decision.

Safety and Servicing  

Up-to-date elevators incorporate superior safety features that aim to minimise any potential issues, a crucial factor for both owners and users. Crafted utilising superior components, these lifts boast a commendable reliability record. 

Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Commercial Lift? 1

More importantly, top-notch companies customarily offer comprehensive servicing agreements that cover regular safety audits and maintenance for their own lifts. Platinum Elevators, for instance, only services its own lifts to ensure optimal quality control. 

Our field technicians will arrive in fully equipped vans, enabling them to undertake most repairs instantly. In the event of breakdowns, our service department is conveniently based locally in Melbourne.

Advanced Technology

Contemporary lifts are infused with advanced technology that enhances their functionality and safety. Notably, there is the iNVER-iQ feature, an Australian-first remote lift monitoring system exclusive to Platinum Elevators. This technology allows for real-time data extraction from lifts, making it possible to detect faults early enough and rectify them without necessitating an on-site visit from a technician. This not only saves time but also reduces overall maintenance costs.

Additionally, Lock Elevator Operation (LEO) – another Platinum Elevators exclusive – is a safety feature that prevents unattended children from using your lift. This innovation comes in handy in child-centred commercial premises such as childcare centres, providing a safety solution that easily activates and deactivates to lock lift doors.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetics of modern lifts have greatly evolved, offering a plethora of finish options. Naturally, this not only enhances the lift’s visual appeal but also significantly escalates the value of the property, boosting its resale potential. From customisable lift walls and floors to stylish digital displays, luxury finishes and LED lighting, there is an impressive array of lift design options catering to all tastes and decor preferences. Elevators nowadays can even be outfitted with your own flooring in addition to an extensive range of quality finishes.


Should You Upgrade or Replace Your Commercial Lift? 2

One prominent advantage of newer lifts is their superior accessibility features that cater for individuals with disabilities or those with impaired mobility, such as the Crystal Mini Lift. These lifts rigorously adhere to Australian standards and accessibility requirements (DDA), making them more inclusive for all users.

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Energy Efficiency 

Contemporary lifts are designed to be more energy efficient, which is a critical consideration both economically and environmentally. Not only do more energy-efficient lifts mean lower electricity bills, but they are also significantly kinder to the environment, reducing your building’s overall carbon footprint.

Making the Decision

When considering whether to upgrade or replace your existing commercial lift, bear in mind that the decision should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of all factors mentioned above. If your current lift is falling short in areas such as safety, technology or aesthetics, a full replacement could significantly enhance the overall user experience, property value and operational efficiency. 

The choice you make today will affect not only the current users of your building but also potential future users. At Platinum Elevators, our customer-centric approach will ensure that you are guided into making the best choice for your commercial space. Contact us today to find out more.

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