Innovations in Elevator Technology: What’s Next for Australia?

Advancements in technology have touched almost every aspect of daily living. Advances in smart home technology, in particular, have made our homes smarter, safer, and more convenient. It’s no surprise then that this innovative tide has also impacted the world of elevators. From enhanced security measures to the digitisation of lift systems, the future of elevator technology in Australia is promising indeed.

Smart Homes and Smarter Lifts

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These days, homeowners relish the prospect of controlling their appliances, lighting, thermostats, and even window blinds, via smart home automation tools. The integration of home lifts into these smart home ecosystems is a predominant trend in the lift industry. State-of-the-art lift maintenance solutions, such as iNVER-iQ, complement other smart home gadgets perfectly. 

iNVER-iQ allows technicians to access your lift remotely and perform preventive maintenance checks and even system resets. This virtual access can save users unnecessary call-out fees, a definite plus for the budget-conscious Australian homeowner. The enhanced convenience, time-saving and hassle-free operation of your lift contributes to a smarter and more connected home experience.

Energy Efficiency: A Worthwhile Investment

Demand is growing among Australian consumers for lift suppliers to consider the energy efficiency of residential elevators. Both hydraulic and traction lifts have been engineered with energy efficiency as the top priority. It’s a commonly held belief that traction lifts are more energy-efficient than hydraulic lifts. However, in a residential context where a lift is in use for an average of one hour per day, the total power used by a traction lift (which remains on standby for the bulk of the day) can exceed that of a hydraulic lift

Although both hydraulic and traction lifts provide energy-efficient solutions, the choice between them largely depends on your specific circumstances. It is crucial to consult with a reputable residential lift supplier, such as Platinum Elevators, who can guide you towards the most suitable option for your home.

Secure and Childproof Elevators

Introducing LEO, the Elevator Child locking Device

Another critical development in elevator technology is the incorporation of advanced safety measures for lifts installed in homes, particularly those with children. Through innovative systems, such as LEO (Lock Elevator Operation), you can childproof your lift with just a flick of a button. This notion provides peace of mind, especially for those with curious kids or grandchildren around the house. 

Security concerns emerge for lifts with external facades too. Platinum Elevators can work with local security firms to produce a swipe access system for your lift, ensuring only selected persons have access.

At Platinum Elevators, we are committed to ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest innovations in elevator technology. We offer smart and energy-efficient solutions, coupled with comprehensive guidance, to help you select the most suitable residential lift type for your smart home. Contact us to experience the future of elevator technology today. Embark on your journey towards a more elevated, secure, efficient and smart living.

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