How the NBN Impacts Your Elevator

Be prepared for the NBN

Whether we’re ready or not, the NBN is currently being rolled out across Australia and with the switch, all Lift Emergency Phones will be migrated onto the NBN network. The emergency phone line is an essential part of your lift’s safety features and to stay legally compliant, must be working at all times.

Will your lift be ready when the NBN arrives? With the rollout well underway, Platinum Elevators can help demystify exactly what you need to do to keep your residents safe and keep your lift operating legally by offering lift servicing and safety audits

1. How the NBN Impacts Your Elevator 

The NBN is continually upgrading landline and internet networks across Australia. This rollout involves new technologies which some existing Lift Emergency Phones may not be compatible with. As it is a legal requirement to ensure they are operable in any case of emergency they will need to be upgraded with the switch to remain compliant.

There is also no guarantee the new lines installed by NBN will work during a power outage/blackout. This means ALL elevator owners will need to install an alternative compliant solution with automatic battery backup prior to the NBN being installed within the area. 

Platinum Elevators Team

2. The solution

Platinum Elevators can supply and install a compliant wireless GSM unit which includes the following features:

  • Automatic 2-hour battery backup in the event of power failure.
  • Compatible with all major Australian Mobile Networks.
  • Compatible with existing handsets and auto-dial phones currently operating on the old copper network. 

3. What you need to do 

  • Check when the NBN will be installed and active in your area.
  • Buy a compliant wireless GSM unit from Platinum Elevators 
  • Supply your own active SIM card on the day of installation. 

4. Pricing

Installation during new Lift Installations: included
Installation on existing Lifts in service:  up to $690 +GST
Pricing as of 2022 and may be subject to change without notice; prices quoted apply to Melbourne city metropolitan areas. 

As the NBN is already mid-rollout, don’t be caught out with a non-compliant lift. Keep your residents safe and organise your essential Platinum Elevator NBN safety upgrade today.

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