How High? What You Need to Know About Elevator Levels

how high can elevators go - elevator levels - platinum elevators

Size does matter. When it comes to your building’s elevator needs that is.  If you’ve ever thought that your space is too small to warrant an elevator or too big for it to be easy, it’s not true. Big, small, or any size in between. No matter the size of your space, there’s an elevator …

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Mezzanine Inspiration to Transform Your Home or Workplace

Mezzanine Inspiration to Maximise Space in Small Apartment. Mezzanine floor in small apartment bedroom to double the floor space and create a private home office. Mezzanine pictured being used to transform small apartment.

Are you trying to facilitate more space in your home or workplace but don’t want to undergo a lengthy renovation process to build an entire new floor? Maybe you have high ceilings, but not so high you can build a whole new storey. Let us introduce you to the mezzanine level.  Not quite its own …

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Does your building need an elevator to support mezzanine access?

commercial elevator for a mezzanine

The short answer is most probably.  A mezzanine is an intermediate level between two floors in a building and can be a great way to utilise unused space. Usually relying on steps or ladders to access, it can often be difficult for young children and those with disabilities or limited mobility to make use of. …

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How much does a Commercial Elevator cost?

How much does a Commercial Elevator cost DDA compliant

An elevator is an essential feature in most commercial buildings; both for transporting people and as an efficient way to move goods between levels. If you are considering installing a commercial lift into your development, then price will definitely affect your choices. You’re after quality. You want efficiency. You want a product that is reliable. …

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How the NBN Impacts Your Elevator

Large Residential Sovereign Lift

Be prepared for the NBN Whether we’re ready or not, the NBN is currently being rolled out across Australia and with the switch, all Lift Emergency Phones will be migrated onto the NBN network. The emergency phone line is an essential part of your lift’s safety features and to stay legally compliant, must be working …

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are apartments required to have elevators

Are apartment buildings required to have elevators? The short answer is Yes. However, there is some important information you need to know: New Apartment Buildings The inclusion of a lift to provide access to upper levels of a building is not required to a Class 5, 6, 7b or 8 building of no more than …

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Why Your Building Needs An Elevator - platinum elevators melbourne

Are you looking to purchase a building that’s currently not access compliant, trying to rent out an existing building with no luck, or just spending too much time transporting goods between levels? There’s a lot of reasons as to why your building may need an elevator. Here are a few of the common ones: 1.  …

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commercial lift for rod laver arena in melbourne

The refurbishment of Rod Laver Arena (RLA) is part of the $338 million stage two redevelopment which commenced in 2014. The main elements of the RLA refurbishment include: New eastern-facing multi-storey main entrance Disability access upgrades (including the new DDA commercial lift by Platinum Elevators) Expanded public concourse space Accessible entrances to the seating bowl …

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NEW SHOWROOM NOW OPEN! Platinum Elevators are pleased to unveil our new state-of-the-art showroom. Featuring 3 display lifts from our bespoke Lift collection. Conveniently located in Keysborough with ease of access and plenty of car parking directly out the front. Our showroom can be accessed between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and Weekends by appointment! We are committed …

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LUXURY DESIGN – GLAZED METAL STRUCTURES Platinum Elevators offer a HUGE range of luxurious custom designed Glazed or RAW Metal Structures which are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Our entire Lift Product Range can be incorporated into one of our custom designed structures, so we guarantee the best fit design for your project. Our …

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