How High? What You Need to Know About Elevator Levels

how high can elevators go - elevator levels - platinum elevators

Size does matter. When it comes to your building’s elevator needs that is.  If you’ve ever thought that your space is too small to warrant an elevator or too big for it to be easy, it’s not true. Big, small, or any size in between. No matter the size of your space, there’s an elevator …

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Does your building need an elevator to support mezzanine access?

commercial elevator for a mezzanine

The short answer is most probably.  A mezzanine is an intermediate level between two floors in a building and can be a great way to utilise unused space. Usually relying on steps or ladders to access, it can often be difficult for young children and those with disabilities or limited mobility to make use of. …

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Why Your Building Needs An Elevator - platinum elevators melbourne

Are you looking to purchase a building that’s currently not access compliant, trying to rent out an existing building with no luck, or just spending too much time transporting goods between levels? There’s a lot of reasons as to why your building may need an elevator. Here are a few of the common ones: 1.  …

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