How High? What You Need to Know About Elevator Levels

how high can elevators go - elevator levels - platinum elevators

Size does matter. When it comes to your building’s elevator needs that is.  If you’ve ever thought that your space is too small to warrant an elevator or too big for it to be easy, it’s not true. Big, small, or any size in between. No matter the size of your space, there’s an elevator …

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How to Make Your Home Elevator Your Own

How to make your home elevator design your own | Platinum Elevators

Designing your home elevator should be just as personal as designing your home. After all, they’re part and parcel. Not just a lifeless extension, your residential elevator needs to be a room with style and flair. A place that reflects you and your energy.  So what options are out there? You’d be surprised at just …

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Mezzanine Inspiration to Transform Your Home or Workplace

Mezzanine Inspiration to Maximise Space in Small Apartment. Mezzanine floor in small apartment bedroom to double the floor space and create a private home office. Mezzanine pictured being used to transform small apartment.

Are you trying to facilitate more space in your home or workplace but don’t want to undergo a lengthy renovation process to build an entire new floor? Maybe you have high ceilings, but not so high you can build a whole new storey. Let us introduce you to the mezzanine level.  Not quite its own …

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Where is the Best Location to Install an Elevator in Your Home

Where is the Best Location to Install an Elevator in Your Home | Platinum Elevators | Residential Lift Melbourne

So you’ve decided to install an elevator into your home. It’s great for accessibility, increases home value and has countless other benefits. But now you need to choose where you actually install it in your home. This decision can seem pretty daunting, but never fear! Read on because here is your comprehensive guide to tell …

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This is Why Elevators Are Adding Immense Value to a Home

classic elevator design - exterior house melbourne

We are seeing an increasing amount of news which identifies that elevators add value to a home (in Australia, anyway!) And homes with one installed are gaining in demand. So, if you were thinking about adding a lift into your home, here are some of the reasons why doing this could increase your property’s value. …

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This Lift is the Most Popular Lift in Melbourne

Port Melbourne - platinum elevators residential lifts melbourne 6

Style, fitout, safety, accessibility. These are just some of the factors to be considered when you’re looking to install or retrofit a residential lift in your home. While the checklist is long, there is one lift that ticks all the boxes and is resoundingly the most popular residential lift in Melbourne

Slick, modern and full of features, The Sovereign Lift is one of the most attractive and captivating home lifts out there. In fact, it doesn’t just add style to your home and make it more accessible, it also increases its market value. 

Ticking all the boxes

The Sovereign Lift is fitted with manual swing landing doors and comes with a guaranteed minimum 300kg load rating with every cabin configuration as ‘standard’. This powerful lift can also be completely customised starting from 600x600mm all the way up to 1100x1400mm and has a wide range of luxury cabin wall finishes that offer flexibility with modern design. While it’s superior safety features include a backup battery and cabin lighting, automatic return to the lowest floor, overload alarm and indicator and creeping speed feature. 

Residential Sovereign Lift in Melbourne - Platinum elevators Residential Sovereign Lift in Melbourne - Platinum elevators 4 Residential Sovereign Lift in Melbourne - Platinum elevators 2 Residential Sovereign Lift in Melbourne - Platinum elevators 5

Here are a few prime installation examples that show exactly why the Sovereign Lift is Melbourne’s most popular lift. 

  • Port Melbourne 

A stylish home addition. This example shows how a semi-gloss black powder coating and continuation of timber flooring from the living space enhances the features of this modern home.

See Port Melbourne project here 

  • Northcote

Elevate your view. See how adding a Sovereign Lift to this property makes this stunning city view more accessible.  

See Northcote project here 

  • Bulleen

Simple modernity. This property utilises sleek Signal White powder coating and timber panelling for this understated but modern home edition. 

See Bulleen project here 

To find out more about why the Sovereign Lift is Melbourne’s most popular lift and to organise a quote for your home, contact Platinum Elevators today

Here is The Exact Process of a Residential Lift Installation

How NBN impacts your lift - platinum elevators team servicing melbourne elevators

A step by step look at residential lift installation.  Once you have decided to incorporate a residential lift into your new home or retrofit one into your existing home it is extremely important to educate yourself and do some thorough research first. Understanding the exact process of installing a residential lift is paramount before you …

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How the NBN Impacts Your Elevator

Large Residential Sovereign Lift

Be prepared for the NBN Whether we’re ready or not, the NBN is currently being rolled out across Australia and with the switch, all Lift Emergency Phones will be migrated onto the NBN network. The emergency phone line is an essential part of your lift’s safety features and to stay legally compliant, must be working …

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BACK in the ’80s and ’90s, townhouses were a fairly standard, no-frills form of accommodation. Slightly bigger than apartments, but not quite as large as houses, they were often a stepping stone to a more luxurious and spacious new build. But times have changed. Townhouses — or townhomes, as some builders like to call them …

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There was a time when the installation of home elevators in the residence was either considered a luxury or a necessity for people with medical conditions. However, people who want to improve their way of living are now commonly installing them in their homes as well. On the whole, residential lifts in Melbourne can be …

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