The objective of this brief was for the home elevator to complement the sleek and minimalistic design of the home interior. The Royal lift was the perfect choice for this project, a juxtaposition of luxury and functionality.

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Balwyn Heights


New build



Blue Cube Developments

Elevator Design

Royal Residential Lift

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Flow of the home (and a touch of feng shui) was at the forefront of consideration when it came to the placement of this home lift. This is why the elevator was detailed in the brief to not face another entrance. To still service all three levels, certain strategic placement provisions were taken to meet the brief. Working with the developer to achieve creative solutions for this, a hotel-style lobby around the lift in the four-car garage at basement level, as well as a timber accent wall in front of the lift on the first level.

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We love this home and are very proud to have worked on this project. This home showcased on Channel 9 and it was no surprise to see it snapped up for $4.5 million quickly after entering the “for sale” market in February 2021.


Passion pioneered this modern lift aesthetic. The home’s holistic soft palates, large windows and sleek style birthed inspiration for the design of this home elevator and shaft. To ensure the design blended seamlessly with the rest of the home, we collaborated closely with Blue Cube Developments and listened intently to their vision.

Judicious from the outset, this project was delivered with all of the trimmings. From the custom flooring used in the lift to flow with the entire home, to the grey powder coat cabin walls to match the window frames, each element was considered for consistency. Timber accent walls can be seen on both the basement and second floor, as well as the feature render of the shaft across all levels and a mirrored rear cabin wall, further enhancing the holistic and understated design of the lift.

This home design was even.

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Partnering with Blue Cube Developments to produce a functionally and aesthetically beautiful lift was an absolute pleasure. When working with a development company that has a clear vision, a deep understanding of design, and an appreciation of all things aesthetic, the incorporation of a luxury elevator becomes seamless. Effectively eliminating inconvenience and double-handling on both ends, creating a smooth streamlined process.


It's the little things that count.

door opening of a lift

BA Polished Stainless Steel with Clear Glass

cabin size of a lift
Cabin doors

Clear Glass and BA Polished Stainless Steel

pit size of a lift
Cabin walls

Clear Glass and BA Polished Stainless Steel

elevator ceiling design

BA Polished Stainless Steel

elevator floor design

20mm Set Down for Flooring by Builder

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