A point of difference in Braeside


Going above and beyond to meet more than just compliance, our client set out to maximise the full potential of their commercial space.

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Braeside, Melbourne


New build



VIP Commercial client

Elevator design

Commercial Crown

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Intelligently configured, this multi-storey commercial development was designed as a versatile space which could accommodate a variety of business applications. Uniquely modern with a commercial loft twist, the first floor reigns over the railing and staircase to the ground level exhibiting an open working environment that maximises team connectivity.

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As one of Melbourne’s largely industrial suburbs, Braeside is home to mostly commercial buildings. Part of the brief was to separate this space from others of its kind in the area, maximising its longevity and tenanting potential... And that’s what we helped our client achieve.

Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows on both levels, light floods through the whole building - a breath of fresh air compared to a stereotypical closed-in commercial space. The addition of the DDA compliant elevator further complements the space’s point of difference by offering an inclusive working environment for all occupants as well as flexibility and scalability to tenants.


Intentional in its placement, the lift offers safe access for passengers while doubling as a subtle partition on both the ground and top level. Tenants now have the opportunity to create two separate working spaces, which are still easily accessible across an open walkway. With this, the elevator becomes a clear statement piece of the building.

Spiralling staircases flow on from the entrance, married with the lift to create separate spaces. The desired luxury aesthetics is what makes this lift the perfect choice for the space. Travel upstairs to level one and meet the elevator, balanced in the centre of the office. Further emphasising the two office areas, the lift creates a clear understanding of the intention and separation of each space.

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With the understanding that this Braeside development is anything but a stereotypical space, we looked to elevate the property even further with a memorable lift design. Complementing colours and custom matching flooring makes the crown commercial lift work harmoniously with the building’s aesthetic, while polished stainless steel contrasts the white office walls.

To complement the abundance of natural light in the space, the elevator was also designed with large clear glass windows on all four sides to enable a 360 degree view of the building and the ability to see the activity of teammates while travelling inside.

Moreover, having the elevator stand on its own without being attached to any walls meant the mechanics of the lift were beautifully exposed. It’s less common for these technical lift components to be on display, and the opportunity to showcase these features makes an admirable application and special talking point.

Of course, accessibility and compliance were front of mind from the very start. That’s why the lift has been designed, manufactured and installed to adhere to Australian DDA regulations (with the highest quality of safety and access features!) as well as to be inherently beautiful.

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For large-scale lift applications where compliance is vital, it’s even more important to make decisions carefully. The ability to visit our Keysborough showroom to travel in a lift, view design options and discuss installation with our experts helped our client confidently solidify their plans.

Constructed out of concrete panels, the office industrial estate was swiftly built which meant the installation would have to follow suit. Planning of the lift started well before the builders began on site, so it was complete once the building was ready to go. 

elevator features

It's the little things that count.

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BA Polished Stainless Steel with Clear Glass

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Cabin doors

Clear Glass and BA Polished Stainless Steel

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Cabin walls

Clear Glass and BA Polished Stainless Steel

elevator ceiling design

BA Polished Stainless Steel

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20mm Set Down for Flooring by Builder