Client: Elite Property Group
Location: Dandenong VIC

Commercial Suite Lift

Lift type: Commercial Crown Lift

Glazed Metal Structure: Umbra Grey Powder Coating with Clear Glass

Landing Doors and Frames: Umbra Grey Powder Coating Frames with Clear Glass

Cabin Doors: Luxury Brushed Skinplate Frames with Clear Glass

Cabin Walls: Luxury Brushed Skinplate

Control Operating Panel: Luxury Brushed Skinplate with Integrated Button Design & Digital Display.

Ceiling: Luxury Brushed Skinplate with 4 x LED

Floor: Custom Tiles provided by customer

This is the first time we have used Platinum Elevators. I must say it was a great experience and the team are very professional. Very happy with the finished product.

Mr Wood – Elite Property Group


No matter what your need or how much space you have, we can provide a customised solution to fit your needs.

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