Client: Mr & Mrs Bugeja
Location: Inverloch VIC

Commercial Suite Lift

Lift type: Residential Royal Lift

Landing Doors and Frames: Brushed Stainless Steel 

Cabin Doors: Luxury Black Gloss Skinplate

Cabin Walls: Luxury Black Gloss Skinplate with Rear Full Height Mirror

Control Operating Panel: Luxury Black Gloss Skinplate with Integrated Button Design & Digital Display.

Ceiling: Luxury Black Gloss Skinplate with 4 x LED

Floor: Timber Flooring provided by Customer

From initial purchase to installation, we have found Platinum Elevators to be fantastic! Doug has been helpful throughout the whole process and pleasant to work with. Thank you!

Mr Bugeja – Homeowner


No matter what your need or how much space you have, we can provide a customised solution to fit your needs.

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